Dipper-Photometer (Vis) 

for photometric endpoint-Titration  and quality-control  in laboratory


Non-metallic for use in galvanics  and electrolytes



Prototypes work more than 3 years without leakages and stability loss in acetic acid!

Final lifetime is still unknown! 


User reference available



Transmitter-Type    Photometer (Vis- first part NahIR  

(no fiberoptic-cable)









Dualbeam-Photometer (Vis- first part NahIR  

traditional with external Fiberoptic-Probes (exchangeable with Fiberoptic-Spectrometer and Interferometer)   Examine your application with a full spectrum unit  and install a longlife and less complex unit/software (if possible)  User reference available   Multiplexer UV (200 nm) -Vis Vis -NearIR (without any refractive optics causing chromatic abberations and without fiber bending mechanism)     Hermetic sealed fiber cable feedthroughs for use in hazardous, wet and dusty environments Ex/Offshore/Outdoor   Heavy rugged   Monochoque enclosure   Remote control with simple terminal commands from any software system (rejecting any wrong or scambled transmission)   Since 2003 runs a unit with a spectrometer using a 16 bit DAQ and chemometrics  below 300 nm without any loss of stability! User reference available   Sealless Fiberoptics-Probes & provenFlanges and Fittings testified by user over more than 10 years use up to 560°C@250 bar,           300°C@300 bar,            25°C@400 bar cyclic tested User references available
Ceramic-Flanges for reactors and pipes  with enamel coat  or covered with PTFE/PVDF -liners.  User references available
ATR for  Gramm/Litre or    Transmission  down to low ppm  User references available

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